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A great Institution takes birth:

Great institutions are born out of great ideas. Ideas driven by noble intentions followed by focused action build lasting organisations. That was the story of Srikrishna Goseva Mandal. History will not be complete without mentioning three names as below.

In 1950, a far sighted philanthropist Sri Seth Sri Ramji Gupta (founder), 1898-1935, revealed his avid love of cows by gathering street cows and caring them in a shed on his own farm land in Narsingi village where the present establishment stands. He renounced a booming business dedicating fully to Goseva. As the cattle population grew, it caught attention of likeminded merchants who joined this movement with their donations. Before he died in 1963, he donated his entire holding of 68 acres for Goseva.

Sri Laxmi Narayan Gupta, (1907-1975) IAS, a former “Chief Secretary”, worked hard and succeeded to add 217 acres of land in the same area with support from cow lovers. He was a multifaceted personality excelling as an advocate, educationist, art lover and philanthropist. Several volunteers joined the movement to register “Srikrishna Goseva Mandal” under Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Region) Public Societies Registration Act -1350 on 9th Nov 1970 bearing number 445/1970.