Core Value

Core Values

  • Serve the community and nature through cow are and nature care.
  • Create an eco-system of harmony and accommodation with the local community by providing easy access to products and services of the Mandal.
  • Observe canons of financial propriety in expenditure, income, donations to maintain transparency and accountability.
  • Respect and cooperate with regulations and regulatory authorities, like auditor and the Registrar of Societies abiding with legal provisions.
  • Bring operational efficiency by cutting down costs, reducing wastages of any kind and by judicious utilization of assets/resources.
  • Open and operate bank accounts applicable to NGOs.
  • Follow the Memorandum of Association in the letter and spirit.
  • Develop and maintain the Mandal premises as a preferred place for picnic, worship, relaxation and outing by beatification, plantation, landscaping, fountains and lighting. Create a landmark for students, families, cow lovers and public at large in the locality.
  • Expand cow care and bring cow loving community to a common platform as a broader service to humanity.